The Summer Externship offers students the chance to receive credit for externships during the summer semester. The course allows between 2-4 credits, depending on the number of hours worked during the summer. You can apply for credit for work that you have arranged, as a “student-arranged” placement. You can also apply for credit for one of the Athens-area “school-arranged” placements. The application link is on the “How to Apply” tab above.

The Corporate Counsel Externship course also offers full time summer placements.
Find out more on the Corporate Counsel Externship webpage.

This page summarizes the most important points about the Summer Externship course.

Download the 2020 Summer Externship PDF for more information.

The Course

  • You can earn 2-4 four credits for work in an approved placement. The number of credits depends on the total number of hours that you work during the summer.
  • You must work a minimum of 140 hours and a maximum of 280 hours and must work for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks.
  • You will complete assignments for the course, including reading, online discussion, and reflective writing.
  • You will receive a grade for your work in the course. Half of the credits will earn a letter grade and half will be pass-fail.

The Application Process

  • You can apply for credit for work that you arrange (a “student-arranged” placement) or for work that we arrange (a “school-arranged” placement.) The PDF above contains advice on finding a placement yourself and a list of “school-arranged” placements.
  • You can apply for approval of a student-arranged placement as soon as you receive an offer. We review the placement before we approve it. The placement may be anywhere in the country as long as you have internet access to participate in an online course. We will make decisions on applications in the order we receive them. Apply as soon as you can.
  • The current deadline schedule can be found on the Clinic and Externship Application Schedule page.

Enrollment, Tuition and Financial Aid

  • Once accepted, you will need to register for the Summer Externship course.
  • Make sure of the number of credits you plan to earn before you register. We cannot change that number after you register.
  • You pay tuition per credit for summer courses. Check with Student Account Services for information about cost.
  • You can get financial aid if register for 3 or more credits during the summer.

Application Process

  • An application link for Summer Externships will be posted under the "How to Apply" tab above.
  • We handle school-arranged placements differently than student-arranged placements:
  • School-arranged:
    • You may apply for no more than 3 school-arranged placements.
    • After we have received all applications for school-arranged placements, you may be contacted about an interview with those placements.
    • We expect to have roughly 10 - 12 slots available between all of the school-arranged placements.
    • If you are offered and accept one of these placements, you are accepted into the program.
  • Student-arranged:
    • You can apply for a student-arranged placement by using the application link.
    • You will need to include your resume and information about the placement including the name and contact number of your supervising attorney or judge.
    • You will be asked to confirm on your application that you have received an offer from the placement and that the placement is unpaid.
    • The student-arranged placement should be a governmental, non-profit, or judicial placement.
    • Private law firm placements and for-profit companies generally do not qualify.
    • Contact Professor Grant if you have questions about your proposed student-arranged placement.
    • We will review student-arranged placements as they come in, and approve them in the order in which we receive them.
    • We will review the placement proposal and may contact your proposed placement to make that it satisfies our requirements.
    • We take student-arranged applications as long as we have space. We reserve the right to limit the total number of students enrolled in the program, so as to ensure adequate faculty supervision.

Before you leave for the summer semester:

You must meet with one of the summer externship faculty. In this meeting, you will set your goals for the summer, review course requirements, and schedule your deadlines and meetings for the summer.


You may apply for school-arranged placements (up to 3) or for approval of a student-arranged placement at the link below.

Application Link Available Soon

Current information about important deadlines can be found on the Clinic and Externship Application Schedule page.

Student-arranged placement applications will be accepted until the course is full.