Assistant Professor Thomas E. Kadri was featured on JAGWire regarding a National Science Foundation grant he will be working on with other University System of Georgia professors relating to digital forensics practices and Fourth Amendment privacy rights. The article titled "School of Computer and Cyber Sciences faculty receive $569,000 National Science Foundation award" was written by Haley Bourne and published 9/13/21.

Associate Professor Jonathan Peters was featured on Quartz regarding a Texas law relating to the First Amendment and Texas's new social media law. The article titled "Texas's new social media law is a clear violation of the First Amendment" was written by Scott Nover and published 9/14/21.

Callaway Chair Elizabeth Chamblee Burch was featured in Corporate Crime Reporter regarding findings from her survey of mass tort plaintiffs in cases involving products targeted toward women. The article titled "Plaintiffs in Mass Tort Cases Not Happy With Their Lawyers" was published 9/4/21.

Assistant Professor Lindsey Simon was featured in an Associated Press article regarding the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement. The article titled "Legal shield for Purdue Pharma owners is at heart of appeals" was written by Geoff Mulvihill and published 9/4/21. This article appeared in several media outlets across the country.

Assistant Professor Lindsey Simon was featured on STAT regarding the Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement. The article titled "The Purdue bankruptcy plan was approved. Will it get derailed by appeals?" was written by Ed Silverman and published 9/3/21.