Faculty Colloquium Series

Faculty Colloquium Series
Demonstrating a commitment to scholarly engagement, Georgia Law hosts a colloquium series through which some of the nation's top legal academics present substantial works in progress to the law school faculty.

The series provides a forum for provocative and innovative legal scholarship and gives Georgia Law faculty the opportunity to collaborate on current legal research, exchange ideas and foster relationships with other institutions. 

This program is made possible through the Kirbo Trust Endowed Faculty Enhancement Fund and the Talmadge Law Faculty Fund.


2014-2015 Schedule of Presenters

more updates coming soon...


August 25     David Skeel (University of Pennsylvania Law School)     "Governance Reform and the Judicial Role in Municipal Bankruptcy"
September3     Eddie Watson      
Sepetmeber8     Ralph Brubaker      
September 10     Oren Perez (Bar Ilan University)     Event Page
September 22     Zyg Plater      
December 8     Paul Stephan      
February 4     Pierre Legrand      
February 9     Tim Lovelace      
February 16     Pat McCoy      
February 16     Jason Nance      
March 23     Jeanne Fromer      
April 8     Mary Rose Papandrea      
April 20     Jane Aiken      
April 29     Abbe Gluck      

Past Presenters