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Annual Tuition & Fees

  • $18,044 Georgia Resident Tuition
  • $38,180 Non-Resident*  Tuition
  • $38,908 Out-Of-Country Tuition
  • $1,416 Fees for All Students


Estimated Cost of Attendance

  • $36,964   Georgia Resident, On-Campus
  • $42,246   Georgia Resident, Off-Campus
  • $57,708   Non-Resident, On-Campus
  • $62,990   Non-Resident, Off-Campus

Books & Supplies - $1,016
Room & Board - $11,672 on-campus; $15,944 off-campus
Transportation - $ 2,080
Personal Misc. Expense - $3,344 on-campus; $4,354 off-campus

These are estimated, not actual, costs; individual student expenses may be higher or lower than these figures provided by the University of Georgia Office of Student Financial Aid. Tuition & Fee information is provided by the Bursary and Treasury Services office.

* It is possible for non-residents to pay tuition at the resident rate by the beginning of the second year of law school.  In addition, the Law School offers some tuition reduction scholarships that allow non-residents to pay the resident tuition rate for one or two semesters of the first year of law school.