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Master in the Study of Law Admissions

We welcome your interest in the Master in the Study of Law Program at the University of Georgia School of Law. The application to begin your M.S.L. at the University of Georgia School of Law in Fall 2015 is available now.

To get ahead in the current job market, it is often essential to incorporate knowledge and perspectives from a variety of professional and academic fields. This is especially true when it comes to the law. An understanding of basic legal principles is necessary across a wide range of careers. Now more than ever, professionals are wise to gain knowledge, reasoning, and analysis in the areas of law that directly impact their professional or academic interests.

Would learning about legal regulations and law practice benefit you in your career? Then the M.S.L. Program at the University of Georgia School of Law could be what you need to strengthen your professional skills.
Our M.S.L. Program offers:
  • exceptional value
  • freedom to select among several areas of law for concentrated study
  • full-time (one year) and part-time (up to three years) options
  • quality instruction from accomplished faculty
  • interaction with motivated peers
One of the principal attractions of Georgia Law is the friendly and informal interaction between faculty and students. M.S.L. candidates are welcome from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels and will take classes and interact with Georgia Law’s J.D. students whose admissions credentials place them amongst the most highly qualified in the nation. Enrollment will be limited to ensure that faculty and staff are able to provide each M.S.L. student with individual assistance and support.
Explore our site to learn more about the excellent value, the strong curriculum and welcoming atmosphere at Georgia Law.