Board of Visitors (BOV)
The Board of Visitors was created by a resolution adopted in November 1964 by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The BOV serves as a consultive and advisory body about the affairs of the School of Law to the regents, the president of the University of Georgia, and the dean and faculty of the School of Law.


Law School Association Council (LSAC)
The Law School Association Council was formally established on December 14, 1951, when the alumni adopted a constitution and by-laws during the midwinter meeting of the Georgia Bar Association. The purposes of the LSA are to foster a permanent affiliation and fellowship among all lawyers who attended the University of Georgia or its School of Law; to promote the interests of the University of Georgia School of Law and the cause of legal education; and to strive for the improvement of the administration of justice.

Young Alumni/Alumnae Committee (YAAC)
The primary purpose of the Young Alumni/Alumnae Council of the School of Law of the University of Georgia is to communicate the interests of alumni/alumnae and friends of the law school to the Dean and staff, to represent the law school in the greater community and to build the institution through leadership support. 


The Law School Association’s Distinguished Service Scroll Award
Since 1955, the Law School Association has recognized a few graduates of the law school each year who meet one or more of the following standards: (1) distinguished reputation in his or her field, (2) exemplary record of service to the legal profession, (3) outstanding record of public service or (4) record of outstanding service to the Law School Association. The awards are presented yearly. To nominate a graduate for the award, visit the nomination form.


In 2016, the Young Alumni/Alumnae Committee created the Young Alumni/Alumnae of Excellence award to recognize an outstanding young graduate of the law school. The award recognizes young alumni and alumnae who give gifts of time or talent, whether to the law school community or the community at large. To nominate a graduate for this award, please complete this form. All nominees should be alumni or alumnae who have graduated from the law school within the last ten years.