Request to Update a Student Organization Webpage

Student Organization webpages hosted on the school of law website have a set template. At minimum each organization's default page will feature an "About" tab and a "Leadership" tab, as well as our standard website "purple tassel" header image. If your organization would like to expand on this content, and include more tabs, a logo and/or photos, please fill out the form below.

Approval Process
All requests will be first sent to the Student Affairs Advisor, for approval before being updated on the website. Requests are also subject to the limiatations of the student organization website template, inclduing a maximum of 7 tabs, and a maximum of 10 photos (your logo counts as 1 photo). Right column content cannot be altered and is the same for all organization webpages. Original logo images submitted are subject to the same rules of logo usage outlined for print, hats and t-shirts.

Urgent Requests & Turn-around Time
If your request is timely and related to an upcoming event, please indicate that below. If it is not timely, requests will be completed within 48 hours once they are approved.

Please use the options below to paste in text and links or to upload photos or logos for your organization's website:

I would like to edit an existing tab's content:
I would alike to add a new tab:
I would like to upload a logo or photos:

If you are uploading a logo, please keep in mind that original logos which use Georgia Law or UGA language and/or imagery are subject to the same rules of usage as printed materials, hats and t-shirts. Please review the logo usage policy before uploading an original logo, and contact communications if necessary.

For all files you upload, file types are limited to JPG, GIF, and PNG with a maximum size of 2 MB in file size. If you would like to upload more than one photo, please compress your photos into a .ZIP file, and use the "upload multiple photos" option, or submit this form multiple times using the "upload a photo" option. Horizontal / landscape images are preferred as they can be more easily cropped to fit the website's dimensions. Files must be a minimum of 667 pixels wide x 399 pixels tall for use on the website. Files that are larger than that will be cropped and/or sized down to fit those dimensions.

In addition, all logos and photos are first subject to approval by Student Affairs Advisor.