The Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) serves the needs of law students that are interested in Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Trade Secrets, and Publicity areas of the law. The IPLS strives to enable student-members to stay informed of current issues and advancements in the law by organizing panels, lectures, social events, and informational meetings with law firms. IPLS membership is open to all UGA Law students interested in this exciting and growing field.


Advisor:  Professor Josseph S. Miller

President Joel Bradley jdb61592@uga.edu
Vice-President / 3L Advisor Chris Mann chrismann@uga.edu
Vice-President of Media and Communications Matt Sanders mattds@uga.edu
Vice-President of Events Karen Hayes keh61351@uga.edu
Vice-President of Fundraising and Recruitment Lee Whatling ldw55054@uga.edu
Treasurer Meredith Fowler mcf@uga.edu


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