Delivery Requests

All full-time and adjunct faculty may request delivery of books and photocopied materials from the Law Library.  Materials will be delivered by the Law Library staff to the faculty member's mailbox in the Administrative Services office.  If an adjunct does not have an assigned mailbox, one should be designated by the requestor; otherwise, the material shall be held at the Circulation Desk in his/her name.

Every effort will be made to deliver all requested materials within two (2) working days of the request, subject to staffing and equipment availability.  If the request will take significantly longer to fill than two working days, the faculty member shall be notified of the delay.

For timely response by the Law Library, requests should be made online using this form, and not submitted to an individual either orally or by personal email.  Requests made online are forwarded to several persons, increasing the likelihood that someone will be available to respond promptly.  The Law Library cannot guarantee the timely fulfillment of requests made by other means.

A separate form must be filled out for each requested item. 


Request a Book:

Prior to delivery, any books will be checked out to the faculty member.  If a requested book is checked out to someone else, the Law Library will place a recall on it and send the book when it is available.


Request a Case, Statute or Regulation:



Request an Article:

If a journal article is available online in PDF or other imaged format (that is, in a format identical to the printed-page version), the Law Library will provide the article in that form. 

When making photocopies, the Law LIbrary is unable to accommodate special formatting requests.  All copies will be single-sided, and may have two pages per copy if the original facilitates that format.  The Law Library cannot fill requests for multiple copies of the same item.