On-Campus Interviews

Programs & Process

Legal employers come to the Georgia Law campus to interview students for summer and post-graduate employment opportunities.  Employers interview throughout the year at Georgia, but typically cluster around each August-November for 2Ls and 3Ls and each February-April for 1Ls, 2Ls, and 3Ls.

Employers participating in on-campus interviews pre-screen applicants.  This means that employers receive, in advance, the application materials from interested students, and may then select the students they wish to interview.  They forward a list of selected students to the Career Development Office and the interview schedule is arranged prior to the visit.

Fall OCI

The fall on-campus interview season typically begins in August and ends in November.  CDO makes every effort to bring employers to campus for interviewing, but employers ultimately decide when and if they will participate in the fall OCI season. 1Ls are not eligible for fall OCI.

Students will apply to all OCI opportunities via Symplicity and on a rolling basis.  Interview dates will be posted along with the OCI announcement.  Interview selections will be available one week prior to the scheduled interview date.  At that time, students must either schedule or decline the interview through Symplicity.

For guidance on the OCI process, including interview tips, see the Fall OCI Process Frequently Asked Questions.

Spring OCI

The spring on-campus interview season typically begins in late February and ends in April.  CDO makes every effort to bring employers to campus for interviewing, but employers ultimately decide when and if they will participate in the spring OCI season.  Employers may interview any class year during spring OCI.

The process for students to apply for spring OCI and schedule interviews is the same as for fall OCI.

1L Networking and Interview Weekend

The 1L weekend event is designed to give 1L students an opportunity to network with potential employers at a Friday evening reception, followed by on-campus interviews on Saturday morning.  This event is typically held in February.
Employers attend the reception to meet students who might work for them in the upcoming summer, and to meet students they might interview in the following fall for 2L summer positions.  This is a good time for students to secure employment for the 1L summer and begin learning about employers they might pursue in the fall.
The employers who interview on Saturday morning are most often looking to hire 1L interns for the upcoming summer.  Occasionally they will conduct informational interviews only, but those can be very helpful in allowing students to develop relationships with employers and practice interview skills.  
Postings will be made in Symplicity for all employers who are planning to interview.  Interested 1Ls will be able to apply, and the students selected by the employers will be required to schedule or decline the interviews online.
The Fall OCI Process Frequently Asked Questions contains some interview tips that can be very helpful for the 1L weekend process as well.