Student Spotlight: Second-year student Lindsey Bunting

lindsey picName: Lindsey Bunting
Age: 23
Hometown: Watkinsville, Georgia
Expected graduation year: 2019
School of Law achievements and awards: Philip H. Alston, Jr. Distinguished Law Fellow
School of Law extracurricular activities: Georgia Law Review
Undergraduate university / degree(s) / year(s): University of Georgia / A.B. Criminal Justice, A.B. Sociology / 2016

1. What did you do before attending law school?
I started law school right after graduating from UGA. During the summer before school started, I spent time resting and relaxing with family and friends to gear up for my 1L year.

2. What inspired you to become a lawyer?
I’ve always loved helping people sort through problems and knew I wanted to find a career where I could do that. Classes that involved reading, writing and logic were always my favorites and I’ve always been fascinated by the law – so law school seemed like a perfect fit!

3. Who is your favorite School of Law professor? Why?
Professor Dan Coenen and Associate Dean Usha Rodrigues are definitely two of my favorites. They both have a true gift for making class interesting and challenging students to think critically. I also loved Torts with Professor Mike Wells. He has such a great sense of humor and always had great stories to help bring the concepts we were learning to life.

4. Thus far, what is your most memorable experience from your time at the School of Law?
Last summer, I visited the U.S. Supreme Court and had the opportunity to speak with Justice Clarence Thomas in his chambers. It was a surreal experience. He is such a wise, encouraging person and I really enjoyed spending time with him.

5. What are some activities/clubs/clinics you are involved in at the law school?
I’m on the editorial board of Georgia Law Review. Last summer, I worked full-time in the Wilbanks Child Endangerment and Sexual Exploitation Clinic. This semester, I’m in the Business Law Clinic.

6. What made you decide to enroll in the School of Law?
The School of Law was always at the top of my list for several reasons. The quality of education at such a great value, location in my favorite city and fabulous reputation were hard to beat.

7. What do you enjoy most about law school?
I really enjoy the challenge and sense of accomplishment I get from pushing myself to work harder than I ever have before.

8. What has been your most rewarding experience through this program?
So far, I think working at the Wilbanks CEASE Clinic has been my most rewarding experience. Seeing how my hard work could be used to help other people in such a significant way was very rewarding. For example, I was able to track down a key witness that was a game changer for one of the clinic’s cases. It was an incredible feeling!

9. Where is your favorite place to study? Why?
I usually study at home to avoid distractions and keep my dog company. Every now and then I like to get away from campus and study at the Jittery Joe’s in Watkinsville. It was my go-to study spot in high school and always helps ease my stress!

10. What are two things you always have to have with you when you study?
I always need several different colors of pens and plenty of notecards. Re-writing my notes really helps me condense the material and start memorizing. 

11. What do you like most about living in Athens?
I live in Five Points and I really love that I can walk to get coffee, groceries or ice cream at Hodgson’s. I also love how friendly everyone is here.

12. What do you do to handle the stress of law school?
I’ve recently gotten into yoga - it’s a great workout and really helps take my mind off of things!

13. What is your favorite place on campus? Why?
I think my favorite place on campus is the reading room on the third floor of the main library. It has floor-to-ceiling windows that look out over north campus and is always very quiet and peaceful.