LSRG Members & Officers

Current LSRG officers:


Vice Chair/Treasurer


Marie Mize

Circulation Manager, Law Library

  • Elected May 2013 for a term of 2 years
  • 706-542-1922

Lesia Woodall

Administrative Assistant, Law School

Shawn Lanphere

Administrative Assistant, Law School




Current LSRG members:

Robin Jennings, Administrative Associate, Law School


Carol Humphries, Catalog Assistant, Law Library


Deb Baker, Administrative Associate, Law Library

  • Elected April 2013 for a term of 2 years
  • (706) 542-8480


Tiffany M. Sargent, Event Planner, ICJE


Lara Pulliam, Stewardship Manager, Law School


Cindy Wentworth, Administrative Associate, Law School

  • Elected May 2012 for a term of 2 years
  • (706) 542-5173

Open Seats:

  • ICLE representative