Litigating the Flint Water Crisis with Corey Stern (JD ’03)

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 12:00pm

The University of Georgia School of Law invites you to join us on Tuesday, October 20 at 12:00pm as we dive into the telling of a remarkable story about a tireless advocate who secured justice for families following an environmental disaster. Erin Brockovich? No! University of Georgia’s own Corey Stern.

The background: Flint, Michigan. Once a thriving part of the nation’s automotive industry – only to later become a national nightmare.  

Beginning in 2014, treatment of the town’s water supply had profound ramifications for its citizens’ health. Consequences included elevated levels of lead in the blood streams of the town’s children, the third largest outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease in American history, and the tragic loss of life. 

Enter Corey Stern (UGA, JD ‘03). A former student body vice president and leader in the Law School’s Advocacy program, Stern had already built a storied career as a lawyer representing children and families. Agreeing to represent individuals of Flint, Stern eventually became lead counsel in litigation against Genesee County, Michigan, ultimately representing over 2,500 children. After years of litigation, Stern recently settled the case on their behalf for $600,000,000.

In a discussion moderated by Professor Elizabeth C. Burch, Fuller Callaway Chair of Law and an expert in mass torts, Stern will talk about his path from the Law School classroom to the Flint litigation.

The discussion is free and open to members of the University community. Attend via Zoom here:


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