Emma Terrell Distinguished Employee Award

The Emma Terrell Distinguished Employee Award, established in 2005 in honor of Emma P. Terrell, recognizes individuals who have demonstrated a strong work ethic, commitment to service, and exceptional job performance as well as the cooperation needed to ensure the School of Law meets and exceed its goals.”

Who can submit nominations? All current staff, administration, faculty and students of the law school.

Who is eligible for nomination? Eligible candidates include all full or part time support staff with a minimum of six months employment in the nominating year. Winners from the past three years are not eligible.

A list of eligible employees can be found below.  Please take a few moments to nominate someone who you think fits the qualifications noted above and who should be recognized by the School of Law community as a whole.

Nominations can be submitted at any time.

The award recipient will be announced at the Holiday Luncheon and will receive a cash award of $500.00 and an individual award certificate.

Thank you for your contribution in recognizing School of Law employees.

Previous Recipients


2002 Sandra Osborn Institute of Continuing Legal Education
  Ebony Thompson Dean Rusk Center
2003 Robbie Eddins Legal Career Services
2004 Eula Cross Legal Aid Clinic
2005 Robin Jennings Prosecutorial Clinic, Moot Court, Mock Trial
2006 Cindy Wentworth Law School
2007 Lisa Mathis Alumni & Development
2008 Shawn Lanphere Law School
2009 Leslie Grove Law School Computing Services
2010 Tricia Hackleman Legal Career Services
2011 Debra Love Law School
2012 Deb Baker Law Library
2013 Tina Whitehair Law School
2014 Brad Grove Law School IT
2015 Susan Hanson Alumni & Development
2016 Marie Mize Law Library
2017 Cathy Dasher Law School


List of Law School Staff Members


Law School
Addison, Vickie
Alexander, Matthew
Beisswenger, Mary
Boston, Jessica
Bridges, Ramsey
Bullock, Brittany
Butler, Kari
Canup, Cyndi
Cooke, Phyllis
Dasher, Cathy (2017 recipient - ineligible)
Dixon, Mandy
Eddins, Robbie
Ehlers, Sarah
Flaherty, Patricia
Hale, Micah
Hanson, Susan (2015 recipient - ineligible)
Hardweare, Britney
Haynes, Willimenia
Headrick, Jeremy
Hinson, Shannon
Jackson, Jenna
Jennings, Robin
Kagel, Laura
Lanphere, Shawn
Ledford, Sandra
Lester, Joy
Lowry, Kristin
Lumpkin, Tonia
Mathis, Lisa
McBride, Paula
Murphy, Heidi
O'Reilly, Kate
Panter, Lona
Pulliam, Lara
Saunders, Brandi
Shackleford, Beth
Sklut, Alex
Waldrup, Gracie
Waller, Tony
Wentworth, Cindy
Whitehair, Tina
Woodson, Laura
Information Technology Services
Childers, JoEllen
Evans, Rachel
Grove, Brad (2014 recipient - ineligible)
Grove, Leslie
Wang, Kui

Law Library
Caveney, Kathy
Mize, Marie (2016 recipient - ineligible)
Riggs, Daniel
Solomon, Cheryl
Somodi, Szilvia
Wolf, Jen
Guzman, Nina

Kelly, Briana
Nunnally, Susan
Sargent, Tiffany
Tolbert, Melissa