The University of Georgia School of Law’s Dean’s Ambassadors is a select group of current law students who represent the law school on a personal basis by serving both the Dean and the school’s administration. Together, the Dean’s Ambassadors welcome alumni and alumnae, distinguished visitors, and judges to campus. Additionally, the Dean’s Ambassadors meet with prospective students of the University of Georgia School of Law by giving tours, speaking at admitted students events, and tabling at undergraduate law fairs.



AdvisorHeidi Murphy

President: Annefloor de Groot - annefloordegroot@uga.edu
Vice President of Membership: Madison Immel - mei31137@uga.edu
Vice President of Events: Cole Harper - cole.harper25@uga.edu
Secretary: Olivia Landrum - olivia.landrum25@uga.edu


The Dean's Ambassadors organization focuses first on the promotion of the University of Georgia School of Law in the public arena and second on the provision of maximum service for the betterment of the law school. All requests are shared with all Dean's Ambassadors and assigned based upon availability at the requested date and time.

**Requests should be submitted TWO weeks prior to the event in order to recruit the volunteers.**
**Transportation requests MUST be submitted TWO weeks prior to the event.**

Please note that every effort will be made to assist you with your event. However, please realize there may be events we will not be able to staff or staff completely due to the timing of the event (exam time) or the nature of the request (too long of a time commitment by one person, e.g., Atlanta airport transport is difficult to arrange).

After submitting this form, we will be in contact with you shortly regarding our ability to assist with your event.

If you do not hear from a Dean's Ambassadors representative within 48 hours of your request, please email Cole Harper at cmh62852@uga.edu.

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