Adjunct, Visiting & New Faculty FAQ


How do I obtain a UGA MyID and UGA email account?

To establish a UGA email and MyID account, visit:  When you have obtained your MyID account, please report it to the Computing Services Help Desk,


Why do I need a UGA MyID?

MyID is needed to access your My Georgia Law faculty portal as well as many other UGA services including email, parking services and the wireless network.


How do I access my UGA email account?



What is My Georgia Law?

Faculty members use the My Georgia Law portal to view class schedules along with individual photos and contact information for students enrolled in their courses.   Class rolls for courses from previous semesters that you have taught are also archived in My Georgia Law.   In addition, you will submit your final grades through the My Georgia Law portal.

Students use their own portal, also known as My Georgia Law, to view class schedules, grades and the online student directory, as well as to access legal career services job search tools.


How can I access my class rolls?

  • Before law school drop/add is over, you can access your class rolls using your MyID to login at:
  • Within some days of the finish of drop/add, you can access your class rolls in My Georgia Law's faculty portal using your MyID to login at:


How do I contact my students via email?


How can I assign class readings to my students before classes begin?

Before classes begin, you may login to the My Georgia Law faculty portal and post reading assignments.  You may also make your entire syllabus available here.  Students will see the reading assignments for all classes (not just your assignment) when they access the My Georgia Law student portal.  

Once classes are underway, it is recommended that you communicate assignments to your students either in class, by email, or through your chosen course management system.


How do I obtain a Westlaw, Lexis or Bloomberg Law password?

Email Sharon Bradley, Special Collections Librarian, Access codes and registration instructions will be provided by return email.


How do I order textbooks for my class?



What instructional equipment is available in the law school classrooms?


How do I obtain a key to classroom equipment and instruction on how to use classroom equipment?

Contact JoEllen Childers, Instructional Technology Support Specialist,, 706 542-9120


What course management software is available for me to use with my classes?

Three course management software options are available for use by UGA law school professors:

1.  Westlaw's TWEN platform - A number of UGA law professors use TWEN to post their syllabus, class assignments and documents, as well as to host class discussions.  Once you obtain a Westlaw password, TWEN is available for you to use immediately.   Visit and you'll see that TWEN is a menu option on your screen.   If you need assistance getting started with TWEN, contact our Westlaw representative Sue Moore, or 770-940-3388.

2.  Lexis Nexis Web Courses - Lexis Nexis offers a product similar to TWEN.  Once you obtain a Lexis Nexis password, Web Courses are available for you to use immediately.  Sign on to Lexis Nexis at: and you'll a tab for Web Courses.  If you need assistance getting started with Lexis Nexis Web Courses, contact our Lexis Nexis representative Mark Thompson, or 1-800-368-6955 x5260.

3.  UGA's eLearning Commons - Law faculty have not traditionally used this option.  It does not afford special access to legal materials.  The Blackboard system, however, provides standard online course support including posting documents, discussion boards and tracking student participation.  Enrolled students are automatically registered and everyone, including the instructor, accesses the system via their UGA MyID.   More online at:  For individual support, contact JoEllen Childers, Law School Instructional Technology Support Specialist,, 706 542-9120.  Campuswide the UGA's Center for Teaching and Learning supports individual's use of the eLearning Commons. 


How do I put a book or electronic document on course reserve in the library?


Will I be required to administer my own exam(s)?

Yes.  All faculty members are personally responsible for administering their own final exams, as well as any other exams they may give.


How are exams administered via laptop?

About mid-semester, via email, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will ask faculty whether they intend to give their students the option to write semester-end exams on their laptops using the "secure bluebook" program Electronic Bluebook.  More information at: