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2017-2018 events

For nearly 40 years, the Dean Rusk International Law Center at the University of Georgia School of Law has spearheaded an array of events designed to promote discussion and analysis of issues related to international, comparative, transnational, and foreign affairs law and policy.

Descriptions of past events online include the 2016-2017 and 2015-2016 academic years.

Events scheduled during the 2017-2018 academic year are described below.


Spring 2018

February 26 Annual mixer for globally minded students, faculty, and staff, sponsored by the International Law Society, Georgia Law's student chapter of the worldwide International Law Students Association. Center cosponsors.

March 6  GAR Live Atlanta, a day-long interactive symposium, will feature leading figures in international arbitration. Center is a supporting organization.   




March 8 "Due Process and Ethics in International Arbitration: What Rules to Apply and How to Apply Them." Carita Wallgren-Lindholm, arbitrator and founding partner of the Finnish boutique law firm Lindholm Wallgren, will speak at this lunchtime event on issues in international arbitration. Co-sponsored by the International Law Society.



March 20 "Thailand: Shifting Ground between the US and a Rising China." Benjamin Zawacki, a Bangkok-based human rights researcher and advocate, will present his recently-published book on Thailand's evolving foreign relations and their geo-political implications in Southeast Asia.  After many post-World War II years as a key strategic ally of the United States, Thailand has begun a sharp pivot toward China.  Consistent with US policy drift since the turn of the century and Thailand's deepening adoption of China's model of "authoritarian capitalism", the country is increasingly within the orbit of Beijing.  Zawacki will describe the factors and forces behind this shift, and what it means for a Trump administration finding its way in Asia. Joining Zawacki in discussion is Ari Levine, University of Georgia History Professor and expert in China. Co-sponsored by the Department of History and the International Law Society.

March 24 Annual breakfast meeting of the Dean Rusk International Law Center Council.



April 4-7 American Society of International Law Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. The Center is an academic partner of this century-old organization.



April 17 "The Wealth of a Nation: A History of Trade Politics in America," a book launch by C. Donald Johnson, Center Director Emeritus. This event will take place in Room 285 of the Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies from 4:00-5:00 p.m., with a reception to follow.




Past Events

August 24 The Legal Spanish Study Group, sponsored by the Dean Rusk International Law Center, will have an information session for interested students. The group is designed for those with some Spanish skills who wish to learn and improve their legal Spanish. Lunch will be provided.

September 11 From 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., the law school’s Dean Rusk International Law Center will livestream a panel, hosted by the D.C.-based American Society of International Law, on "International Law and the Trump Administration: the Use of Force under International Law." Speakers include Jack Goldsmith, professor at Harvard Law School, former Assistant Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice, and former special counsel, Office of the General Counsel, U.S. Department of Defense, and Oona A. Hathaway, professor at Yale Law School, and former special counsel, Office of General Counsel for National Security Law, U.S. Department of Defense. Laura Dickinson, professor at George Washington University School of Law and former senior policy adviser, U.S. Department of State, will moderate. 

Following the livestream (from 12:30-1:00 p.m.), the Center's Director, Kathleen A. Doty, will host a Q&A session on this issues raised by the panel. 

September 18 “The Next Generation of International Trade Agreements," a conference featuring experts, including Georgia Law alums, from around the world. This daylong event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Center, a cosponsor along with the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law, which will publish the proceedings.


September 29 Join the Dean Rusk International Law Center for afternoon tea. This social hour will be an opportunity for internationally-minded students, faculty, and staff to gather as a community. 

October 5 Join Faculty Services Librarian, T.J. Striepe, for a brown-bag information session that will prepare you to publish your writing. This session will cover the nuts and bolts of using ExpressO and Scholastica, and how to submit your writing to contests. Sponsored by the Dean Rusk International Law Center. 



October 6  “Blood Antiquities: Cultural Heritage at Risk from Conflict, Looting and Illegal Transport,”  lunchtime presentation by Professor James K. Reap. A Georgia Law alumnus, his positions include: Professor and Graduate Coordinator of the Master of Historic Preservation Program, College of Environment + Design, University of Georgia; member, U.S. Department of State Cultural Property Advisory Committee; Secretary General, Committee on Legal, Administrative and Financial Issues, International Council of Monuments and Sites; and board member, U.S. Committee of the Blue Shield. Dean Rusk International Law Center presents.

October 10 “Guantánamo, Torture, and Terrorism.” Rick Kammen, an Army veteran and capital defense specialist who is lead defense counsel in U.S. v. al-Nashiri, a case before a U.S. Military Commission at Guantánamo, will speak at this lunchtime event.



October 19-21 International Law Weekend, annual conference of the International Law Students Association and the American Branch of International Law Association, in New York City. This year’s theme is “International Law in Changing Times.” Center cosponsors.

October 22-23 “International Business Disputes in an Era of Receding Globalism,” 6th annual conference of the Atlanta International Arbitration Society (AtlAS), in Atlanta. Center cosponsors.


October 26-28 American Society of International Law annual Midyear Meeting, in St. Louis. The Center is an academic partner of this century-old Washington, D.C.-based organization.


November 3 Join the Dean Rusk International Law for afternoon tea. This social hour will be an opportunity for internationally-minded students, faculty, and staff to gather as a community.


November 16 Center presentation to Georgia Law students on Summer Opportunities for Global Legal Practice, including Global Externships and summer study in Belgium and Europe. 


January 29 “A Canadian perspective on Global Trade.” Consul General Nadia Theodore has made her career in the Trade Agreement and Negotiations Branch of Global Affairs Canada, holding leadership positions on several recent and major trade initiatives. She was named Consul General for the US Southeast in August 2017. Her states of accreditation include Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. With over 10 years of trade policy experience, Ms. Theodore’s appointment comes as Canada, Mexico and the United States have launched negotiations to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This will be an opportunity to hear from Ms. Theodore about the Canada-U.S. relationship, and how a modernized NAFTA will serve to move the Canada-U.S. relationship forward into the 21st century.Co-sponsored by the International Law Society.


February 9 Coffee-hour celebration of the 109th birthday of our namesake, Dean Rusk, in the Louis B. Sohn Library on International Relations. We will also welcome Christine Keller, the Center’s Associate Director for Global Practice Preparation, who will deliver remarks on the practice of international criminal law. Co-sponsored by the International Law Society.



February 13 LL.M. Information Session. Join the Center at the Georgia Law Atlanta Campus for an information session about the LL.M. degree, a one-year graduate degree program for foreign-educated attorneys. Registration is requested.