Faculty award winners for 2019-20
Faculty award winners for 2019-20: (l. to r.) Cleveland Distinguished Chair & Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Lonnie Brown (Student Bar Association Professionalism Award), University Professor & Caldwell Chair Dan Coenen (graduation marshal), Legal Research and Writing Instructor Patrick Conner (Outstanding Legal Research or Writing Professor), Assistant Professor Sandra Mayson (O'Byrne Memorial Award for Significant Contributions Furthering Student-Faculty Relations, Ellington Award for Excellence in Teaching and graduation marshal) and Business Law and Ethics Program Director Carol Morgan (Lanier Award for Excellence in Clinical Education).

Faculty & Scholarship

Faculty are the lifeblood of a law school. Their interests and expertise largely dictate the direction of an institution. At the University of Georgia School of Law, you will find a vibrant, stimulating and exciting learning environment driven by an accomplished corps of superior teachers and scholars.

While some law schools choose to emphasize either scholarship or teaching, our law school seeks to balance the two, firmly believing that classroom teaching is enhanced by scholarly expertise. Most professors maintain an open door policy - whenever they are in the office, they are available to answer students' questions about classroom concerns, career advice or personal matters.

As detailed in our Faculty Profiles, School of Law faculty include:

  • Authors of some of our country's leading legal scholarship
  • Recipients of the Meigs Award (UGA's highest honor for teaching excellence)
  • Recipients of Fulbright Scholarships and the American Law Institute Young Scholars Medal
  • Former judicial clerks for the U.S. Supreme Court and other federal courts
  • Former editors-in-chief of law reviews

Most bring practical experience to the classroom as well. Additionally, many law school faculty have been trial and corporate attorneys and continue to accept pro bono cases or to serve as legal consultants.

The scholarship of the School of Law faculty is highly regarded by local, state, national and international leaders including members of the judiciary. Some of our professors have:

  • Advised U.S. senators and representatives
  • Testified at congressional hearings
  • Served as consultants to foreign governments and international policymaking bodies 

Their work has also been cited in opinions written by judges and justices at various levels, including the U.S. Supreme Court.

Of our law school's tenure track faculty, approximately 25 senior members hold prestigious chaired or named professorships. Their expertise is expanded by the addition of outstanding adjuncts, whose ranks include leading attorneys from the region's most powerful firms, international lawyers, judges and government leaders.

Recent faculty highlights