Estimated costs for the 2022-2023 two-semester academic year are, in U.S. dollars, as below:

  Georgia Resident Non-Resident
Tuition $17,018
(“in-state tuition”)
(“out-of-state tuition”)
Fees $2,290 $2,290
Total $19,308 $40,414
Room & Board $12,686 $12,686
Transportation $1,598 $1,598
Books & Supplies $1,976 $1,976
Misc. living expenses $3,936 $3,936
Health Insurance $2,808 $2,808
Total $23,004 $23,004
  Georgia Resident Non-Resident
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance $42,312 $63,418

International Student/Scholar Compliance Fee

This fee is assessed to all international student visa holders.

ISCF $134

These are estimated, not actual, costs; individual student expenses may be higher or lower than these figures provided by the University of Georgia Office of Student Financial Aid. Tuition & Fee information provided by the Bursary and Treasury Services office and the UGA Office of Global Engagement.

LL.M. students who have been awarded a Tuition Equalization Scholarship will pay tuition at the Georgia resident rate.