School of Law scholarships, including Tuition Equalization Scholarships and Tuition Reduction Scholarships for non-residents, are awarded by the School of Law each year to members of the entering class.  Scholarships range from a few thousand dollars to full tuition. These scholarships are made available through endowments and gifts provided by generous alumni and friends of the law school.  They are awarded based on academic abilities, potential for the study of law and other considerations.

School of Law scholarships are awarded to accepted applicants after a review of their admission files.  No separate application form is necessary to be considered for a School of Law scholarship.  Georgia Law does not award scholarships that are conditional on law school academic performance; therefore, we do not post an ABA conditional scholarship retention worksheet.  Students who plan to borrow to finance all or part of their legal education should complete the Free Application for Federal Student Financial Aid.

Tuition Equalization Scholarships
The School of Law awards Tuition Equalization Scholarships to several entering students who are not residents of Georgia.  Recipients are assessed tuition for the first year of law school at the resident rate rather than the non-resident rate.  These scholarships are awarded after reviewing the completed admission files of accepted students.  No applications are required.  Tuition Equalization Scholarships are awarded for the first year of law school only, however, non-resident students may be able to continue to pay resident tuition for the second and third years of study at Georgia Law.

University of Georgia Law Scholars Program
Students who receive full tuition scholarships are designated University of Georgia Law Scholars.  These merit scholarships are for Georgia residents whose LSAT scores and academic records show exceptional promise for distinction in the study of law.  No separate application form is necessary to be considered for the Georgia Law Scholars program.


External Scholarships