Photos of presenters for the 2022 colloquium series  

For more than a decade, the International Law Colloquium Series has brought leading scholars to the School of Law, where they have presented works in progress and invited discussion and comments from students as well as faculty discussants. Past presenters have come from throughout the United States and as far as Galway, Geneva, London, Montreal, Rome and Toronto to explore an array of legal topics: foreign direct investment, refugees, international arbitration, discrimination, climate change, crimes against humanity, international tribunals, state sovereignty, human rights, treaty interpretation, democracy-building, counterterrorism and the laws of war, and global governance.

The Spring 2022 International Law Colloquium is a two-credit course led by Harlan G. Cohen, the Gabriel M. Wilner/UGA Foundation Professor in International Law, and supported by the Dean Rusk International Law Center.


Pictured above, beginning at top left:


This program made possible through the Kirbo Trust Endowed Faculty Enhancement Fund and the Talmadge Law Faculty Fund.