Appellate Litigation Clinic achieves win for client

Thursday, September 10, 2020

The Appellate Litigation Clinic, in partnership with 2011 alumnus Benjamin J. “Ben” Osorio, recently won remand for its client before the Board of Immigration Appeals. The case Gutierrez-Flores v. Barr involved an immigration judge applying the Asylum Transit Ban retroactively to a Nicaraguan client thus denying her claim for asylum. Then-clinic students, who graduated this past spring, Adeline Kenerly Lambert, Mandi E. Goodman, Miranda S. Bidinger, Amy E. Shehan and Georgia L. Turner briefed the case to the BIA. After the brief submission, the U.S. District Court for District of Columbia entered a nationwide injunction prohibiting application of the ATB, resulting in the BIA remanding our case to the immigration judge with instructions to reconsider in light of the injunction. The ATB was the only reason the judge denied the client’s initial asylum request, and the government is not challenging the injunction.