Reserving AV Portable Equipment

Availability and Reservations

Law students, faculty, and staff may reserve portable AV equipment (portable screen and projector for laptop projection, a digital camcorder, or, televisions with DVD) for classes and law school sponsored events by contacting the Law Library Circulation Desk at 542-1922 (Mon. - Fri., 8 - 5 p.m.), or via email addressed to .  Request deadline:  2 p.m. of business day (Mon. - Fri.) before equipment needed.   Student requests must cite a sponsoring faculty member.

All AV equipment is reserved on a first-come first-served basis and equipment will be provided as supplies and law library circulation desk staffing permits.

A request from non-law school individuals and groups should be directed to UGA Instructional Support and Development at 542-1582. 

Scheduled events in Law School facilities must be held in reserved rooms.  Online submission of requests is required.

Portable AV equipment is available for use only at the UGA Law School. Only law school faculty and staff may use camcorders, laptops and portable LCD projectors off-campus.  As available, law faculty and staff may reserve laptops and projectors for classroom use and official law school events.

Law students, faculty, and staff may request access to non-portable multimedia equipment installed in eleven "lettered" classrooms (Rooms ABCDEFGHIJK) for instructional purposes and law school sponsored events by contacting the Computing Services Help Desk, or 542-0895.

Faculty, staff and students with special equipment needs or questions? Contact the Computing Service Help Desk or 542-0895.

Equipment Maintenance, Repair and Replacement

Law faculty, staff and students are responsible for damage to AV equipment that is the result of negligence. Law faculty, staff and students are not responsible for normal wear and tear damage to AV equipment

The Law Computing Services team maintains, repairs and replaces all AV equipment using the Computing Services budget. The team will discuss alternative funding sources with the Director of the Law Library and the Director of Budget and Personnel for the law school if maintenance, repair and replacement of a single piece of AV equipment exceeds $5,000.