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Flexible curriculum

The University of Georgia School of Law awards the LL.M. degree following the successful completion of 26 credit hours, typically within one academic year. Aided by a curriculum advisor, you may choose from a spectrum of courses in civil, criminal, and other aspects of the law. You may pursue a general course of U.S. legal studies, or focus on one of the LL.M. Concentrations below.


  • Preparation for a U.S. Bar Examination
  • Business Law
  • Family Law and Migration Law
  • Transnational, International, and Comparative Law
  • Public Institutions and the Law

All LL.M. students are required to take two courses: Legal System of the United States and Legal Writing and Research. LL.M. candidates choose all their other classes from the law school's extensive course offerings, and they pursue these studies side by side with J.D. students. LL.M. students also may seek approval to take a limited number of courses in other University of Georgia units.

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Preparation for a U.S. Bar Examination


Among the Concentrations that University of Georgia School of Law LL.M. students may pursue is Preparation for a U.S. Bar Examination.


Several U.S. jurisdictions, including Georgia, permit graduates of non-U.S. law schools to sit for that jurisdiction’s bar examinations if they meet specific requirements. Our Concentration is designed to assist you in your preparation.

Rules in each jurisdiction are subject to change, and our law school does not guarantee any student’s eligibility to sit for a U.S. bar examination. Therefore, in addition to consulting with your LL.M. curriculum advisor, you may wish to explore:

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Transfer to J.D. studies

As detailed here, LL.M. students who demonstrate a high level of achievement may seek to transfer, upon graduation, to studies leading to a University of Georgia School of Law J.D. degree.


Dual LL.M./MBA degree

As detailed here, students may seek to earn, on an expedited basis, both the Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree from the University of Georgia School of Law and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Terry College of Business, another highly regarded unit of the University of Georgia.