Call for Papers - 50 YEARS OF THE INDIAN CIVIL RIGHTS ACT Protection and Denial of the Civil Rights of Native Americans



Event Date: 

03/8/18 to 03/9/18

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Albuquerque, New Mexico


The Law and Indigenous Peoples Program and the Tribal Law Journal will

Indian Civil Rights Act Symposium, March 8 & 9, 2018

The Law and Indigenous Peoples Program and the Tribal Law Journal will host a symposium on the Indian Civil Rights Act (ICRA) on March 8 & 9, 2018, at the Isleta Resort & Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This ICRA Symposium will examine the promise, benefits, and detriments of ICRA, reflecting on the Act’s impact on tribal sovereignty and individual rights after fifty years of operation. Included in the discussion will be the Act’s effectiveness in implementing Congress’s dual objectives of protecting civil liberties in Indian country and entrusting to sovereign tribal courts the administration of justice on reservations; the role of tribal, federal, and state governments in civil rights protection; the differential impact of recent amendments—the 2010 Tribal Law and Order Act and the 2013 reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act—on the rights of Indians and non-Indians; and whether, overall, ICRA has been engaged to advance or deny Native people’s civil rights.

The Tribal Law Journal is Seeking Submissions for its ICRA Symposium Issue

In conjunction with this ICRA Symposium, Volume 19 of the Tribal Law Journal will feature an ICRA Sym-posium Issue of scholarly articles discussing the past, present, and future of ICRA, Indian civil rights gen-erally, and indigenous human rights. The goal of this ICRA Symposium Issue is to highlight the legacy and the impact of this landmark law on individual rights and tribal communities.

Thus, the Tribal Law Journal is welcoming submissions that provide critical review of the past, present, and future of ICRA and its im-pacts on Indian communities.

Visit the Tribal Law Journal’s website for more information on the Tribal Law Journal’s submission require-ments:

Deadline for this Issue is December 15, 2017

Please submit papers to:
Tribal Law Journal Submissions Editors
Liisa Rettedal and Sean Distor at: and