The Socratic Method

Watch Professor Usha Rodrigues describe the Socratic Method of teaching.

Video Transcript
[Professor Dan Coenan:] Why do you say that if Maryland weren’t taxing the issuance of notes and other papers generated by the bank, but instead was taxing land…?
[Professor Usha Rodrigues:] The Socratic Method is a manner of instruction that deals really more with questions than with lecture, so rather than the professor standing up in the classroom and telling students, just sort of lecturing as to what law is, it’s an exploration by professor and student, a joint exploration into what the law is and should be. So the professor will ask a question of the student, both to test the students reading and understanding, but also to see, you know, what might happen if the case had come out differently, if a fact had been different, if several facts had been different. So it’s a way of not just learning in a rote way what we call the black letter of the law, but rather exploring how to think like a lawyer, how to change different principals or arguments or facts in order to come up with a richer understanding of what the law is and what it can be.


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