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Academic Excellence


These pages contain unedited evaluations submitted by UGA Law students. The views expressed in the comments are not necessarily those of the Student Bar Association or its officers.

Note: Due to the lack of an acting webmaster during the 2009-2010 school year, no evaluations are available from those semesters.




SPRING 2011 COURSE EVALUATIONS: Many of the courses listed below had multiple responses, so be sure to scroll down on the PDF to see all of the data. We apologize if a certain class is not listed; some evaluations did not have sufficient data to report. Please email if you have problems opening any of the documents or encounter a broken link. Thanks!



American Legal History - Sawyer Evidence - Dennis Legal Profession - Hall
Animal law - Appel Evidence - Hashimoto Legal Profession - Sawyer
Appellate Practice - Peck Family Law - Kurtz Litigation Doc Drafting - Trimble
Con Law I - Meyer Family Violence Clinic - Schaeffer Mediation I - Lanier
Con Law II - Coenen Federal Income Taxation - C. Watson Pros Clinic I - A. Cook
Con Law II - Levin Georgia Practice - Ellington Public Health Law - Khan
Constitutional Litigation - Eaton Health Law Seminar - Boling Regulation of Information - Turner
Copyright - Shipley Immigration Law - Kuck Regulation of the Human Body - Milot
Corporate Responsibility - Thompson Int'l Human Rights Law - Cohen Sociology of the Law - Cooney
Corporate Tax - Wood Int'l Law Colloquium - Cohen Trial Practice - Harper
Corporations - Sachs Int'l Products Liability - Khan Trusts & Estates II - Love
Crim Defense Clinic I - Gabriel Int'l Tax - Hellerstein  
Crim Pro I - J. Cook Int'l Trade - Heald  
Document Drafting - Nesset Landmark Cases in Crim Lit - J. Cook   
English Legal History - Wilkes Law & Politics - Howard  






FALL 2011 COURSE EVALUATIONS: Thanks to everyone who participated in the surveys! There is quite a bit of feedback; make sure to scroll down on each PDF to get the full scope of all of the comments. Please email if you encounter any broken links. Thanks!



Admin Law - Levin Crim Pro I - J. Cook Land Use Clinic

Sexuality & Law

Adv. Corporations - Chandler Dispute Resolution - Dodge Law/Practice of Lending - Conboy Spec. Ed. Practicum - Togut
Anatomy of M&A - Rodrigues Drafting for Trans. Prac. - Espenscheid Law/Ethics of Lawyering - Brown State/Local Tax - Hellerstein
Appellate Advocacy - Burch Election Law - Ringhand Law/Ethics of Lawyering - Sawyer Trusts & Estates - Beck
App. Litigation Clinic - Hashimoto English Legal History - Wilkes Legislation - Levin Trusts & Estates - Love
Business Negotiations - Shedd Environmental Law - Appel Laws of War - Amann Timing in Fed Tax - Watson
Business Ethics - Rodrigues/Morgan Estate & Gift Tax - Milot Media Law - West Trial Practice - Boswell
Civil Clinic I - Scherr Evidence - J. Cook Mediation Prac. II - Lanier Trial Practice - A. Cook
Civil Clinic II - Scherr Fam Violence Clinic - Schaffer Military Law - Shi Trial Practice - Harper
Con Law I - Meyer Fed Income Taxation - Hellerstein Partnership Tax - Fowler Trial Practice - Mauldin
Con Law I - Ringhand Franchise Law - Wharton Patent Law - Miller  
Con Law II - Coenen Habeas Corpus - Wilkes Payment Systems - Sabbath  
Copyright - Shipley Health Law Survey - Leonard Pros. Clinic II - A. Cook


Corp. Counsel Externship - Morgan Insurance Law - Parsons Pub. Int. Practicum - Scherr  
Corp. Responsibility - Thompson Int'l Bus. Transactions - Meyer Race & the Law - Gabriel  
Corporations - Rodrigues Int'l Arbitration - Rutledge Remedies - Shipley  
Corporations - Sawyer Int'l Law - Amann SCOTUS Current Term - West  
Counsel for Ind. Defense - Bright Int'l Legal Research - Burnett Secured Transactions - Smith  
Crim Defense Clinic I - Gabriel IP Survey - Miller Securities Regs - Sachs  
Crim Defense Clinic II - Gabriel Labor Arbitration - Hagaman Sentencing Seminar - Hashimoto