Past Presenters

Faculty Colloquium Series

2018-2019 Schedule of Presenters

Sept. 5     Christopher Slobogin, Vanderbilt    
Oct. 10     Jennifer Chacon, UCLA    
Nov. 5     Jonathan Peters, UGA Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication    
Jan. 9     Mary Sarah Bilder, Boston College    
Feb. 18     Troy McKenzie, NYU    
Mar. 6     Barry Cushman, Notre Dame    
Apr. 1     Stephen Sachs, Duke    
Apr. 17     Michelle Kwon, University of Tennessee    

2017-2018 Schedule of Presenters

Oct. 18   Logan Sawyer, UGA School of Law    
Oct. 25   Deborah Dinner, Emory Law    
Nov. 8   Lisa Milot, UGA School of Law    
Jan. 17   Usha Rodrigues, UGA School of Law    
Feb. 7   Eric Franklin Amarante, UT Knoxville College of Law    
Feb. 12   Adam N. Steinman, Alabama Law    
Feb. 26   Rachel A. Harmon, UVA School of Law    
Mar. 7   Heidi Kitrosser, University of Minnesota Law School    
Mar. 26   Stephen I. Vladeck, Texas Law    
Apr. 4   Beth Burch, UGA School of Law    
Apr. 9   Stephen Lee, UC Irvine School of Law    
Apr. 16   Nathan Chapman, UGA School of Law    
Apr. 23   Joe Miller, UGA School of Law    

2016-2017 Schedule of Presenters

Sept. 21     Beth Burch, Georgia Law    
Sept. 26     Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, New York University    
Sept. 29     Brian Lea, Georgia Law    
Oct. 10     Saikrishna Prakash, University of Virginia    
Oct. 19     Camilla WatsonChristian Turner, Georgia Law    
Nov. 9     Peter AppelElizabeth Weeks Leonard, Georgia Law    
Nov. 14     Guy-Uriel Charles, Duke    
Jan. 18     Amanda Frost, American University    
Jan. 25       Greg Polsky, Georgia Law    
Jan. 30     David I. Walker, Boston University    
Feb. 15     Logan Sawyer, Georgia Law    
Feb. 27     J.B. Ruhl, Vanderbilt    
March 15     Myriam Gilles, Cardozo    
March 22     Georgia Law, TBD    
March 27     Paul Horwitz, University of Alabama    
April 3     Hannah Wiseman, Florida State    
April 12     Georgia Law, TBD 

2015-2016 Schedule of Presenters

September 30     Ziv Bohrer, Bar Ilan University    
October 5     Paul Horwitz, University of Alabama    
October 12     Lou Mulligan, University of Kansas    
October 19     Anne Fleming, Georgetown University    
November 2     Mehrsa Baradaran & TBD, University of Georgia    
November 23     Ani Seitz, Emory University    
December 7     TBD    
January 20     Gregory Parks, Wake Forest Univeristy    
January 25     Dan Ernst, Georgetown University    
February 1     Beth Burch & TBD, University of Georgia    
February 10     Camille Gear Rich, University of South Carolina    
February 15     Bryant Walker Smith, University of South Carolina    
February 22     Wentong Zheng, University of Florida    
March 2     Sue Bryant, CUNY    
March 21     Tim Lytton, Georgia State University    
April 4     TBD    

2014-15 Schedule of Presenters

August 25 David Skeel (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
August 27  
September 3 Eddie Watson
September 8 Ralph Brubaker (University of Illinois College of Law)
September 10 Oren Perez (Bar Ilan University)
September 17  
September 29 Zygmunt Plater (Boston College Law School)
October 13  
October 20  
December 3 Paul Stephan (University of Virginia School of Law)
February 9 Timothy Lovelace (Indiana University Maurer School of Law)
February 16 Jason Nance (University of Florida Levin College of Law)
March 23 Jeanne Fromer (New York University School of Law)
April 15 Zack Buck (Mercer Law)
April 20 Jane Aiken (Georgetown Law)

2013-14 Schedule of Presenters

October 2 Timothy Meyer (UGA School of Law)
October 9 Orly Lobel  (University of San Diego School of Law) - "Talent Wants to Be Free: The Upside of Leaks, Raids, and Free-Riding"
October 30 Harlan Cohen  (University of Georgia School of Law) - "Prolegomena to a Theory of International Precedent"
November 4 Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Northeastern University School of Law) - "Sharing the Cathedral"
November 13 Ted Eisenberg (UNC School of Law) - "Statutory Interpretation from the Inside"
November 20 Sonja R. West (UGA School of Law)
January 13 Saule Omarova (UNC School of Law ) - “Private Means to Public Ends: Governments as market Actors” 
January 15 Mark Graeber (UM Carey Law ) - "Constructing Constitutional Politics: The Reconstruction Strategy for Protecting Rights"
January 29 Jeanne Fromer   (New York University Law)
February 26 John Stinneford (UF Levin College of Law) - "Death, Desuetude, and Original Meaning"
March 3 Elizabeth Chamblee Burch (UGA School of Law) - "Judging Multidistrict Litigation"
March 5 Danielle Citron (UM Carey Law) - "Hate Crimes in Cyberspace"
March 17 Rodney A. Smolla (UGA School of Law) - "Fisher v. University of Texas: Who Put the Holes in “Holistic”?"
April 2 David Fontana  (GW Law) - "Government by Location"
April 9 Sarah Barringer Gordon (Penn Law) - "The African Supplement: Religion, Race and Corporate Law in Early National America"

2012-13 Schedule of Presenters

September10 Jamal Greene, (Columbia University Law School) - "Pathetic Argument in Constitutional Law"
September 17 Tom C. W. Lin,  (University of Florida College of Law) - "The New Investor"
October 15 Bridget J. Crawford,  (Pace Univeristy School of Law) - "How Economic Law and Policy Define Marriage, Family and the Human Body"
November 12 Jedediah Purdy, (Duke University Law School) - "Our Place in the World: A New Relationship for Environmental Ethics and Law"
Janurary 14 Mark Tushnet, (Harvard University Law School) - "Authoritarian Constitutionalism"
Janurary 23 Bruce Green, (Fordham University Law School) - "Lawyer's Professional Independence: Overrated or Undervalued?"
January 28 Angela Onwuachi-Willig, (University of Iowa College of Law) - "Collective Discrimination"
February 11 David A. Wirth, (Boston College Law School) - "How Safe is That Shrimp? The Food Safety Modernization Act"
March 4 Ann Shalleck, (American University Washington College of Law) - "Toward a Jurisprudence of Clinical Thought: Investigating the Contours, Urges and Trajectories (Focusing on Clinical Stance)"
April 29 Mary Dudziak, (Emory University School of Law) - "Secrecy and the War Powers: Nixon’s Cambodia Bombing, Obama’s Targeted Killings, and the Atrophy of Political Restraints"

2011-12 Schedule of Presenters

September 14 Scott Dodson (The College of William & Mary) - Hybridizing Jurisdiction"
October 17 Chaim Saiman (Villanova University) - "Faith in Legal Doctrine: An Anglo-American Comparison"
October 24 Prasad Krishnamurthy (University of California at Berkeley) - "Branching Restrictions, Financial Integration, and Firm Growth"
November 2 Katerina Linos (University of California at Berkeley) - "Legislative Borrowing"
November 9 Gerald F. Leonard (Boston University) - "Jefferson's Constitutions"
November 14 Ethan J. Leib (University of California, Hastings) - "Judges as Fiduciaries"
January 30 Mae C. Quinn (Washington University) - "Feminist Legal Realism"
February 6 Scott E. Sundby (University of Miami) - "Anatomy of an Infamous Decision: McClesky vs. Kemp After 25 Years"
February 8 Julia D. Mahoney (University of Virginia) - "Health Care Reform, the Constitution and the "New" New Deal
February 13 Howard M. Erichson (Fordham University) - "Outsourcing Settlement"
February 20 Deborah J. Cantrell (University of Colorado at Boulder) - "Lawyers, Loyalty and Social Change"
February 27 E. Lea Johnston (University of Florida Levin College of Law) - "Vulnerability and Desert: A Theory of Sentencing the Mentally Ill"
March 5 Brett Frischmann (Yeshiva University) - "Infrastructure and Commons: From Roads and Telecommunications Networks to Ideas and Ecosystems"
April 16 Henry E. Smith (Harvard University) - "An Economic Analysis of Law versus Equity"
May 3

Oren Perez (Bar Ilan University) - "Open Government, Technological Innovation and the Politics of Democratic Disillusionment: Democracy from Socrates to Obama"

2010-11 Schedule of Presenters

September 27 John Mikhail (Georgetown University): Unreasonable Risk: A Formal Analysis and Critical History of Common Law Negligence
October 11  Nelson Tebbe (Brooklyn Law School): Nonbelievers
October 18 Anita S. Krishnakumar (St. John's University): The Anti-Messiness Principle in Statutory Interpretation
October 27 Lawrence B. Solum (University of Illinois): The Interpretation-Construction Distinction
November 1 Stephen I. Vladeck (American University): The New Habeas Revisionism
January 24 Fred Smith Jr. (University of California at Berkeley): Awakening the People's "Giant": Sovereign Immunity and the Constitution's Republican Guarantee
February 14 Albert Yoon (University of Toronto): The Market for Law Professors
February 21 Ted Blumoff (Mercer University): How (Some) Criminals Are Made
February 28 Charlene Luke (University of Florida): Managing the Deluge: Tax Approaches to Flood "Insurance"
March 7 Stephen B. Burbank (University of Pennsylvania): Private Enforcement of Statutory and Administrative Law
March 21 Jayne Barnard (College of William & Mary): The Years of Magical Thinking: Bernie Madoff's Victims and the Power of Bereavement
March 28 Chaim Saiman (Villanova University) - "Faith in Legal Doctrine: An Anglo-American Comparison"
April 4 Amy Gajda (Tulane University) - "Privacy Before The Right to Privacy"

2009-10 Schedule of Presenters

September 21 Angela P. Harris (University of California at Berkeley): Color Chart and Gender Spectrum: Administering Race and Gender in a Post-Obama World
October 5 Cara H. Drinan (The Catholic University of America): The National Right to Counsel Act: A Congressional Solution to the Indigent Defense Crisis
October 12  Kimberly D. Krawiec (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): A Woman's Worth
October 19  Roderick M. Hills (New York University): Federalism and Distrust: The Gentry, the Saints, and the Federal Republic in Nineteenth Century America
January 25 Royce de R. Barondes (University of Missouri): ABA Ratings of Federal District Court Judges and the Likelihood of a Shepard's Warning Signal
February 1 Stephanie M. Stern (Loyola University): The Inviolate Home: From Iconic Property to Relational Privacy in the Fourth Amendment 
February 8 Michael S. Kang (Emory University): Sore Loser Laws
February 15  Olivier Moréteau (Louisiana State University): A Summary Reflection on the Future of Civil Codes in Europe
February 22  Deborah Pearlstein (Princeton University): After Deference: Formalizing the Judicial Power in Foreign Relations Law
February 24 Richard J. Peltz (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) Access to Gun Registry and Freedom of Information Law
March 1 Lee-ford Tritt (University of Florida): Technical Correction or Tectonic Shift: Competing Default Rule Theories Under the New Uniform Probate Code
March 22 Michael Zimmer (Loyola University Chicago): The Ricci Decision
April 5 Christopher S. Elmendorf (University of California at Davis): "The Politics of First Best": Depolarization by Design and the Voting Rights Act
April 12 Nirej Sekhon (Georgia State University): Taking Their Pick: Police Departments, Discretion, and Race

2008-09 Schedule of Presenters

September 22 David J. Herring (University of Pittsburgh School of Law): Kinship Foster Care: Implications of Behavioral Biology Research
September 29 Juan F. Perea (University of Florida Levin College of Law): On the Ideology of Constitutional Law Casebooks
October 6 Anne M. Coughlin (University of Virginia School of Law): Interrogation Stories
October 13 Gregory Klass (Georgetown University Law Center): Intent to Contract
October 20 Amanda Frost (American University Washington College of Law): In Defense of Sua Sponte Decisionmaking
January 26 Dennis D. Crouch (University of Missouri School of Law): Quasi Trademarks: Rethinking the Purposes of Design Patent Protection
February 2 Mitu Gulati (Duke University School of Law): The Stickiness of Contract Terms
February 9 Zanita E. Fenton (University of Miami School of Law): A Critical Race Feminist Reading of Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales
February 16 Christine Hurt (University of Illinois College of Law): The Windfall Fallacy
February 23 Al Brophy (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law): University, Court, and Slave: Thomas R.R. Cobb’s Proslavery Jurisprudence
March 16 Robert Steinbuch (University of Arkansas at Little Rock Bowen School of Law): Kidneys, Cash and Kashrut: A Legal, Economic and Religious Analysis of Selling Kidneys
March 23 Scott Hershovitz (University of  Michigan Law School): Harry Potter and the Purposes of Tort Law
March 30 Joe Miller (Lewis & Clark Law School): Hoisting Originality
April 13 Robert Rhee (University of Maryland School of Law): The Production Theory of Pure Economic Loss
April 17 Brian Z. Tamanaha (St. John's University School of Law): Over a Century of Balanced Realism About Judging (and Why It’s Endangered)
April 20 Juliet M. Moringiello (Widener University School of Law): Balancing the Bankruptcy Code Towards the Honest but Unfortunate Creditor

2007-08 Schedule of Presenters

September 10 Brandon Garrett (University of Virginia)
September 28 Mitchell N. Berman (University of Texas)
October 12 Chris Brummer (Vanderbilt)
October 19 Shari Motro (University of Richmond)
October 26 Dorothy A.  Brown (Washington & Lee)
February 11 Douglas H. Yarn (Georgia State University)
February 18 Bernadette Meyler (Cornell)
February 25 Ahmed E. Taha (Wake Forest)
March 3 Randy Picker (University of Chicago)
March 24 Camille A. Nelson (Saint Louis University)
March 31 David B. Mustard & Thomas A. Eaton (University of Georgia)
April 7 David Arthur Skeel (University of Pennsylvania)
April 14 Anup Malani (University of Chicago)

2006-07 Schedule of Presenters

September 22 Richard E. Myers II (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): The Sunset Amendment
September 29 Michael S. Pardo (University of Alabama): Juridical Proof and the Best Explanation
October 6 Margaret M. Blair (Vanderbilt University): Assurance Services as a Substitute for Law in Global Commerce
October 13 Steven L. Schwarcz (Duke University): Explaining the Value of Transactional Lawyering
October 23  Ani B. Satz (Emory University)
November 3 John Neiman (University of Georgia): Defining the Judicial Office
January 19 Peter B. "Bo" Rutledge (Catholic University of America): Is Arbitration State Action? Does It Matter?
January 22 Lonnie T. Brown Jr. (University of Georgia): Representing Saddam Hussein: The Importance of Being Ramsey Clark
January 29 Usha Rodrigues (University of Georgia): Corporate Law
February 9 Jonathan Klick (Florida State University)
February 16 Christina E. Wells (University of Missouri): Funeral Protests
February 23 Ronald F. Wright (Wake Forest University): The Black Box of Prosecutor Declinations
March 2 David A. Brennen (University of Georgia): Taxation of Nonprofits
March 9 Jim E. Pfander (University of Illinois): Federal Supremacy, State Court Inferiority, and the Constitutionality of Jurisdiction Stripping
TBA Cynthia L. Estlund (New York University): The Fall and Rise of Self-Governance in the Workplace

2005-06 Schedule of Presenters

September 23 Peter Schuck (Yale University) - Bad Draws, Bad Bets, Bad Apples, and Bad Policies
September 30   Sean J. Griffith (University of Connecticut) – Unleashing a Gatekeeper
October 12 Lonnie T. Brown, Jr. (University of Georgia) - Reconsidering the Corporate Attorney-Client Privilege: A Response to the Compelled-Voluntary Waiver Paradox
October 20    Julian A. Cook III (Michigan State Univesity) -  Crumbs From the Master's Table: The Supreme Court, Pro Se Defendants and the Federal Guilty Plea Process
October 26 Akhil Amar (Yale University), Comparative Constitutional Law: American Style
November 9 David A. Brennen  (Mercer University) – TBA
November 16   Olufunmilayo B. Arewa (Case Western Reserve University) – "Piracy," Borrowing and Global Intellectual Property Frameworks: History, Hierarchies and Conceptions of Culture
November 18    Jedediah S. Purdy (Duke University) - The American Transformation of Waste Doctrine: A Pluralist Interpretation
January 27 Ronald Rotunda (George Mason):  The Detainee Cases of 2004 and Their Aftermath
February 3 Jim Rossi (Florida State): Approaching Deference for State Regulators in Antitrust Law Through Chevron
February 17 Julie Seamon (Emory): The Expert Witness as Stealth Fact-Finder: Hidden Hearsay, Confrontation, and Jury Determination of Facts 
February 24 Anthony Alfieri (Miami): The Fall of Legal Ethics and the Rise of Risk Management
March 1 Michael Wells (UGA): "Sociological Legitimacy" in the Supreme Court
March 8 Michael Perry (Emory): Is capital punishment constitutional under the Eighth Amendment? And if it's not, should the Supreme Court so rule?
April 7 John Langbein (Yale) - Trust Law as Regulatory Law
April 12 Alan Watson (UGA): Lord Mansfield: Judicial Integrity or its Lack: Somerset's Case.
April 21 Thomas Lee (Fordham):The World Balance of Power and the Evolution of U.S. Foreign-States' Law

Spring 2005 Schedule of Presenters

January 21  Ryan Goodman (Harvard University) - Humanitarian Intervention and Pretexts for War
February 10 Jim Brudney (Ohio State University) - Neutrality Agreements and Card Check   Recognition: Prospects for Changing Paradigms
February 18 Tung Yin (University of Iowa) - Ending the War on Terrorism One Terrorist at a Time
February 25  Polly Price (Emory University) - State Court Judge and Property Rights: The Case for Conservatism in the Antebellum Era
March 4 John McGinnis (Northwestern University) - The Condorcet. Case for Super Majority Rules
March 11  Kent Greenfield (Boston College) - Five New Principles for Corporate Law
March 25 Orin Kerr (George Washington University) - The Fourth Amendment and the Computer Forensics Process
March 29 Sanford Levinson (University of Texas) - In Quest of a Common "Conscience": Reflections of the Current Debate about Torture
April 13 Allison Danner (Vanderbilt University) -The International Criminal Tribunals as International Courts