Tuition, Room and Board, Program Fees


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Tuition:  Students enrolled in the program pay regular tuition and will purchase books or photocopied materials as they ordinarily would.

Program Fee:  This fee covers housing costs (including utilities), the cost of U.K. instructors, the on-site British coordinator, library privileges at the Bodleian, associate membership at St. Anne's, ABA fees and other administrative expenses. All students pay regular tuition and a program fee. The program fee of the 2015 program was $6,700. Fees may increase in 2016 if necessary to accomodate increased costs, but in prior years such increases have been rare and relatively small. The fee for the 2016 program will be finalized in Summer 2015. A required deposit fee of $250 will be assessed when you have accepted admission to the program. One hundred dollars ($100) of the deposit is refundable if you have been accepted to the program and withdraw from the program by August 15, 2015. A second deposit of $1000 is due by September 1, 2015. The balance of the program fee will be due in December 2015. Amounts paid in addition to the $250 are not refundable, except in emergency situations. The University of Georgia School of Law reserves the right to cancel this program in the event of compelling circumstances. All monies, including the $250 deposit, would in such event be returned within twenty (20) days of the date of cancellation and the law school will make its best efforts to arrange for the student to attend a similar program, if the student wishes, and to the extent feasible.

Board:  Students pay their own food costs.  They have the option of cooking for themselves, dining in St Anne's College, or sampling Oxford's range of restaurants.