Overdue Book Fine Schedule

1. Fines for books which circulate for 4 weeks: $ .25 per day.
2. Fines for videos which circulate for 3 days: $ 1.00 per day.
3. Fines for primary legal materials and periodicals that circulate overnight: $ 5.00 per day. 
4. Fines for Reserve materials:
 a. During the semester, $ 1.00 for every hour material is overdue.
 b. During the exam period (from one week before classes end each semester through the last day of makeup exams), $ 5.00 for the first hour the material is overdue and $ 10.00 per hour thereafter. 
5. When the accrued fine is equal to the current replacement value of the item, the patron will be billed for the replacement cost of the material plus a $ 25.00 processing fee.  However, if the accrued fine is for Reserve materials checked out during the exam period, fines will continue to accumulate until the item is returned, even if the amount of the fine is greater than the replacement value.
6. Any law students who have accrued unpaid fines of $ 5.00 or more during any semester will have their records flagged.  UGA staff and students outside the law school, as well as law school alums and local attorneys, will have their privileges revoked when fines are outstanding in any amount.
8.  If a patron returns an item that has already been billed, he or she will be charged the bill processing fee, or the cumulated overdue fine, whichever is smaller.

Last revised:  November 2011