Fulbright Canada

Policy/Law & Governance

Research Chairs in Policy, Law, and Governance (6 Awards)- US$25,000 for 4 months

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Global Governance, Balsillie School of International Affairs

  • Specializations: conflict and security; environment and resources; global political economy; migration, mobilities and social policies; multilateral institutions; and science and health policies.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Political and Constitutional Theory, McGill University

  • Specializations: Political theory, political science, history of political thought, constitutionalism, constitutional interpretation, judicial review, jurisprudence.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Governance and Public Administration, University of Ottawa

  • Specializations: Contemporary public policy, governance and public administration.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Human Rights and Social Justice, University of Ottawa

  • Specializations: Domestic and international human rights and social justice issues.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Science and Society, University of Ottawa

  • Specializations: Science, technology and society; science and innovation policy; science/policy interface; energy/energy technology policy; and technology governance.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Public Management, Public Policy, or International Trade, University of Saskatchewan

  • Specializations: Public health and social policy, innovation policy, resource and environmental policy, and public sector management.


North American Studies

Research Chairs in North American Studies (3 Awards)- US$25,000 for 4 months

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Transnational Studies, Brock University

  • Specializations: Writing across borders; transnational cultures; languages, citizenship, and migration, including approaches to Indigenous populations and cultures; histories of the cross-border region; border studies; Canadian-American relations; and the image of Canada abroad.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Canada-U.S. Relations, Carleton University NPSIA

  • Specializations: Canada-US economic relations, Canada-US security cooperation, Conflict studies, Foreign policy, Security and defence Studies, Terrorism and international security.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in North American Politics, Carleton University

  • Specializations: North American politics with a focus on any of the political, security, military, economic, social or cultural dimensions of Canada-U.S. relations.


Business & Management

1. Distinguished Research Chairs at Carleton University (1 Award) - US$50,000 for an academic year (9 months)

Fulbright Canada Distinguished Chair in Entrepreneurship, Carleton University

  • Specializations: Entrepreneurial strategies, start-ups, marketing, private-public partnerships, technology, economic and social entrepreneurship, enhancing institutional frameworks.

2. Research Chairs in Business and Economics (3 Awards)- US$25,000 for 4 months

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Business and Management, Queen’s University

  • Specializations: Any academic business discipline, such as behavioral, management or financial accounting, finance, international business, marketing, management information systems, managerial economics, management science, organizational behavior and/or theory.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in Business, University of Alberta

  • Specializations: Marketing, strategy, organization and management of information systems.

Fulbright Canada Research Chair in the Environment and Economy, University of Ottawa

  • Specializations: Environment and economy, environment policy, economic policy, environmentally sustainable economy.


Eligibility for these awards require the candidate to meet the minimum requirements mentioned below:

  • Be U.S. citizens (Permanent residence is not sufficient).
  • Hold a PhD or equivalent professional/terminal degree as appropriate. 
  • Be proficient in English.
  • Be in compliance with all J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) guidelines.
  • Be in compliance with all governmental regulations regarding visas, immigration, travel and residency.
  • Applications accepted until September 16, 2019

For a more comprehensive overview of the application process please access this link.