Law Library Access

1. Who may use the library
  • The Law Library is open to the University community and general public. Anyone who is not a member of the Law School community (students, faculty and staff) may access the Law Library during public hours.
  • Everyone who enters the Law Library must abide by the Law Library Code of Conduct.
  • During Law School final exams, the library is reserved for members of the Law School community and patrons conducting legal research.

2. UGACard Access
  • Law School faculty and staff, as well as Journal/Law Review students, may use their UGACard to access the Law Library when the Law Library is closed.
  • Faculty/Staff have unrestricted access through all library doors.
  • Journal/Law Review students have unrestricted access through the Law Library Annex exterior door.
  • All other library users must access the Law Library during library hours through the front doors of the Law Library adjacent to the Circulation Desk.

Any outstanding issues related to the operation of the card reader system should be directed to Mary Beisswenger, Law School Facilities, 542-0335,

UGACard use is monitored. Abuse will result in revocation, suspension of privileges, and/or disciplinary action.

3. Restricted access areas
  • Access to the Rare Book Room, archives shelving, and display cabinets of the Law Library is restricted to the Law Library staff.