Interlibrary Loan

General Policies

  •  The Law Library participates in the Interlibrary Loan program for both the borrowing and lending of library materials:
    • borrowing material from other libraries for the law school's faculty, staff, and students.
    • lending materials to libraries, particularly but not limited to academic law libraries, law firm libraries, court libraries, county and state libraries, academic libraries, public libraries, and non-profit organization libraries.
  • Requests for loan of the Law Library's materials are accepted through the OCLC Interlibrary Loan subsystem, on ALA-approved paper forms, by fax, e-mail, or telephone, with the OCLC request being the preferred method.

Loan of Items to Other Libraries

  •  Items to be Returned

    • There is no charge for lending books or other returnable materials, unless the borrower requires expedited processing and shipping.  Borrowers requesting expedited service must arrange for shipping charges (e.g., provide a FedEx account number), and may also be assessed a service charge by the Law Library. In all cases the borrowing library pays the postage for return of the materials.
    • The Law Library generally does not lend periodicals, newspapers, reference materials, rare books, reserve materials, or current looseleaf materials
    • The Law Library will loan L.L.M. theses that are not available on Digital Commons.  Such loans will be conditioned for "Library Use Only."
    • The loan period is 30 days with the possibility of renewals for increments of 14 days.
    • The Law Library does not charge overdue fines for ILLs, but will bill for replacement of unreturned items.
    • The Law Library will loan materials only to libraries that provide an e-mail address to which overdue notices and replacement bills may be sent.
  • Items Not to be Returned

    • The Law Library does not charge for photocopies it provides through ILL, unless expedited shipping is requested by the borrower, in which case the borrower must arrange for shipping charges.
    • All requests for copies, regardless of how communicated to the Law Library, must state that the request is in compliance with copyright law.
  • Borrowing Items from Other Libraries

    • Patrons of the Law Library who wish to borrow an item from another library must complete the online form available at .
    • Unless otherwise stated, the Law Library assumes the patron is not willing to pay a charge to receive the requested item.  Under this circumstance, the Law Library will refuse an offer from a lending library to supply the item if a fee will be charged.
    • The patron is responsible for the timely return of any ILL material to the Law Library's circulation desk.  Any request for a renewal must be made before the due date.  Renewal is at the discretion of the lending library. Borrowing for Journals
  • Borrowing for Journals

    • If the source is available at UGA in any imaged format (TIFF, PDF, etc.), the journals will use that resource.
    • If a secondary source is available in .html format at UGA, the Law Library may pass along borrowing costs to the requesting journal.  The journal will exercise discretion in making these requests.
    • If primary sources are available only in .html format, the Law Library will absorb any costs associated with obtaining a copy.


Date Implemented: 11/23/1981
Last Revised: 1/24/2012