Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you join the University of Georgia School of Law Alumni Association (LSA)?
    Graduates of the University of Georgia School of Law are automatically enrolled as regular members in the alumni association. Membership is also available to any person who successfully completed one academic session in residence at the University of Georgia School of Law and to any alumni of UGA who have law degrees from other institutions or who have been admitted to the practice of law. Honorary members may be elected by the executive committee of the alumni association.
  • What are the annual dues for the University of Georgia School of Law Alumni Association?
  • There are no annual membership dues to belong to the law school's alumni association, and no dues are required to receive the alumni magazine, the Advocate.
  • How can I contact the Office of Law School Advancement?
  • How can I contact the current members of the Law School Association Council (LSAC), the Board of Visitors (BOV), or the Young Alumni/Alumnae Association?
  • Why haven't I received the law school's alumni magazine recently?
    Have you moved recently or changed jobs? If you forgot to let us know, we are probably still sending mail to your old home or work address. Contact to notify us of your new address.
  • Can the Law School Office of Advancement help me obtain football tickets?
    Football tickets are distributed under the auspices of the Athletic Association.  Please contact the football ticket office at 1.877.542.1231 (M-F: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30p.m.)