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The Dean Rusk Center plays an active role in the international arena by hosting conferences, colloquia and lectures that bring scholars, practitioners, government officials, business leaders, students and alumni together to discuss relevant international law and policy issues. Rusk Center conferences and lectures seek to increase the understanding of international law and policy decisions, as well as contribute to the solution of challenges of global significance. 

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The Dean Rusk Center for International Law and Policy is named after the U.S. secretary of state (1961-69) and Samuel H. Sibley Professor of International Law at the University of Georgia (1970-85) who provided inspiration for  the center's creation and its role in globalizing legal education.


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Dean Rusk Center's director C. Donald Johnson appeared on two of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s recent programs discussing former U.S. Secretary of State and Sibley Professor of International Law Dean Rusk. 

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