student in front of Dean Rusk Hall

Dean Rusk International Law Center

The Dean Rusk International Law Center was established in 1977 to expand the scope of research, teaching, and service in international law and policy in order to increase understanding of international issues, provide a sound basis for foreign policy decision-making, and contribute solutions to global problems. Today the Center serves as a nucleus for collaboration between University of Georgia School of Law faculty and students, the law school community, and diverse international partners on foreign and transnational legal and policy matters. For information on parking and driving directions, see the Visit the Rusk Center page.

In fulfillment of its mission to globalize legal education at the University of Georgia, the Center invites scholars from abroad to engage in collaborative research with faculty and to deliver lectures or teach short courses that enhance the law school's educational offerings. In addition to faculty exchange programs with foreign universities, the Rusk Center administers popular study abroad programs for Georgia Law students. The Global Internship Program with placements in more than thirty countries around the world provides another excellent opportunity to gain international experience.

An important function of the Rusk Center is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas about important international legal and policy matters. Every spring Georgia Law's international faculty hosts a colloquium series on timely topics in the field of international law. With the goal of engaging a broad audience on matters of global significance, the Center sponsors conferences and lectures with high-level policy makers, diplomats, scholars and practitioners. The Rusk Center also offers guidance and support to international student organizations, including the Georgia Journal of International and Comparative Law, and frequently collaborates with them on organizing conferences and lectures.

Through its public service and outreach programs, the Rusk Center influences policy regionally and on a global scale. It has provided research and counsel to the Georgia governor's office on international trade issues since its inception, most recently by participating in the establishment of a trade office in China. In 2008, the Center's Director, C. Donald Johnson, a former ambassador for trade, met with President George W. Bush and his senior trade officials at the White House to advise them on current trade initiatives. Over the past seventeen years, the Center's renowned International Judicial Training Program (IJTP) has trained over one thousand foreign judges and court personnel and provided models for concrete judicial reforms in participating countries.

Finally, Rusk Center publications, such as the Occasional Papers series, disseminate the results of work done at the Center, including conference proceedings on diverse themes.