students at dc semester in practice

D.C. Semester In Practice Program

Students earn 13 credits while in residence in Washington, D.C.:  10 credits are earned from the externship and clinical seminar and 3 credits are earned from a non-clinical course.  Students extern 448 hours over the semester and attend class twice a week.  

Placements include a wide range of offerings, including federal, state and local government agencies, private non-profits and judicial chambers.  Because students receive academic credit, they may not receive monetary compensation.  Placements provide an opportunity for substantive legal work under a lawyer’s supervision with regular feedback and mentorship.  
Classes are held at the University of California Washington Center near Dupont Circle at 1608 Rhode Island, Ave., NW, Washington, D.C., 20036.  
  • Lawyering in the Nation's Capital A 3 credit seminar designed to explore the role of the Washington lawyer.  Through readings and guest lecturers, you will learn about the process of federal law and policy-making.  We also will also investigate the unique role Washington lawyers in play in affecting, making and changing federal law and policy.

  • D.C. Externship Clinic:  A 10-credit course, consisting of a 2-hour weekly seminar focusing on professionalism, career development and the various roles of Washington lawyers and 8 credits for work at the placement.  Students receive a grade for one-half of these credits and receive a pass-fail designation for the other half.
Spring 2017 Application Process

Applications are due by email to Jessica Heywood by September 16, 2016 and include the application form, résumé, unofficial transcript and written statement of interest.

Accepted students are matched with possible placements based on demonstrated interest and other qualifications. 

Students are responsible to find their own housing.
Financial Aid
Increased financial aid is available for those participating in the D.C. Semester in Practice program.
Please contact Professor Jessica Heywood for additional information: or 202.494.0035.