Program Overview


The University of Georgia LL.M. Program offers highly qualified and motivated law school graduates the opportunity to pursue an individually fashioned program of course work in an area of law that suits their professional interests at one the nation's most highly regarded law schools.

Candidates may choose the All-Courses track or the Essay track. The All-Courses track gives students the opportunity to create an individualized program of study by selecting courses specific to their interests from the School of Law's extensive curriculum. The LL.M. degree offered at the University of Georgia is awarded without reference to specialization, although such specialization may be apparent from the student's study program.  Those students who opt for the Essay track must write a scholarly paper 60-90 pages in length for six credits under the supervision of a faculty member. The LL.M. degree is awarded upon the successful completion of 24 hours of course credit during an academic year.


LL.M. students are introduced to the University of Georgia before the beginning of classes through the optional orientation program sponsored by International Student Life.  International Student Life offers a week-long orientation for foreign-educated students in late July/early August. All LL.M. candidates are required to participate in a School of Law LL.M. orientation program in August before classes begin.

Highlights from the ISL orientation program include information concerning immigration issues, taxes for non-residents, housing assistance, course registration procedures, Social Security Cards, UGA payroll, cross-cultural adjustment, life in Athens and at the University of Georgia and campus tours.  Past LL.M. students attest to the tremendous advantages of attending the International Student Orientation. All entering international LL.M. students are strongly encouraged to attend.

Flexible Curriculum

An important characteristic of the LL.M. program is the flexible approach offered in fashioning an individual program for each student. Students take 10 to 14 course credit hours each semester.

During the fall semester, a special course designed specifically for foreign-educated students offers instruction on legal research and writing in U.S. law.  Training in the use of research tools, including computerized research, is a key element of the class. 

Degree Approval

At the end of the second semester of resident study, the law school will review the LL.M. candidate’s academic record. Each student is required to maintain an overall 2.7 (B-) average.  When all requisites are fulfilled, graduation is authorized by the deans of the School of Law and of the Graduate School.

Training Opportunities

LL.M. graduates are encouraged to take advantage of training opportunities with law firms and companies in Georgia and elsewhere in the United States. Both the LL.M. Program and the Law School’s Office of Legal Career Services assist LL.M. graduates in their search for employment.