Business Cards

There are times when you may want to use business cards at law school, Bar association, continuing legal education or other professional events, as a way to provide contact information to those you meet.  Below are some basic guidelines on creating cards and utilizing them.


Basic Advice:

  • Save time and money and increase flexibility:  Most business cards in the legal profession are quite plain.  You need not expend energy or money on graphics.  Be mindful, too, that lawyers are especially sensitive to intellectual property issues and may question the use of any logo, wordmark or image by non-employees.
  • If you wish to include a University of Georgia logo the “Arch” logo, you must order your cards through the University Printing Office:
  • Include your name and contact information (phone, e-mail), as well as "University of Georgia School of Law, Class of 20__"
  • You may also want to include strategic information such as “Available for legal research work” or “Eligible to sit for __ Bar Exam on __[date]”; however, since you will likely print cards in large quantities, be sure the information is general enough to remain useful over time.


Using Business Cards Effectively:

How to hand them out?

  • Be subtle and use business cards sparingly.  Lawyers are reserved in handing out their business cards. 

  • Try to request someone else's card before giving yours.  Or, wait to give your card until someone offers theirs, or until your contact information is requested.

  • Keep your cards in one pocket and collected cards in the other pocket.

How to maximize the exchange?

  • As soon as you leave a networking event, make notes on the back of each card you received.  Include relevant information like how and where you met the individual, what you discussed, and any helpful memory cues.

  • Immediately write a handwritten note following up on the contact.

  • Save your cards – either physically or electronically with app or scanner – as part of your ongoing professional network development.