Atlanta city scape with capital building
Students electing to participate in the Atlanta Semester in Practice program work full-time in placements that include: the Office of the Governor, the Office of the Attorney General, the Georgia Supreme Court and the Georgia House and Senate, as well as many other governmental, nonprofit and corporate locations.

Atlanta Semester in Practice


Georgia Law in Atlanta students earn a full semester’s worth of credits while living, working, and taking classes in Atlanta. The program offers students the opportunity to connect with the Atlanta legal community, gain practical lawyering skills and experience by working with practicing lawyers, and take traditional classroom courses at Georgia Law’s Atlanta facility in Buckhead. Students can earn up to 16 credits by participating in the program.

On-Site Work and Placements
The bulk of students’ time in the program is spent working as externs with one of the law school’s partner employers. The law school has a wide range of partners, including federal and state judges, government offices and agencies, legislative caucuses and private nonprofits. View the PDF with an extensive list of partners.

Atlanta Semester-In-Practice Course
In addition to their externship work, students also take a weekly two-hour seminar that prepares them for and enhances their externship experience. Seminar meetings take place at Georgia Law’s Atlanta facility in Buckhead.

Law School Courses Offered in Atlanta
To earn a full semester’s worth of credits, students in the program also enroll in up to two traditional classroom courses offered at Georgia Law’s Atlanta facility in Buckhead. The classes are drawn from the law school’s core course offerings and change each semester. In Spring 2016, Constitutional Law II and Education Law will be offered in Atlanta.